Watercolor-Reflections of Expo '86  by Chris Smith

America The BU-t-ful by T. Winter-Damon

Light on Dark  by Brian Lynch

Sax After Dark  by Brian Lynch

The Cloning of Skippy  by John Messerly

Tut, Tut, Tut  by Jessica Finney

Zen Pruning 1 & 2  by William Douglas

Darkness Revealed  by Brian Lynch

Buns  by Lisa Rhodes

Boobs  by Lisa Rhodes

Cocktails at the Pagans  by Matthew Finch

Fatal Motors  by Matthew Finch

Shakespeare Meets Mr. Ed   by Jessica Finney 

Self Portrait In The Free Mars  by Helen J. Orr

Artists Biographies:

Helen J. Orr just turned 24 and her profession is a combination of freelance ski technician, graphic designer, illustrator, editor of two Toronto-based magazines (Sidd and The Fly), writer (of sorts), and also dabbling in film, photography. Currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

T. Winter Damon is a reviewer for Scavenger's Newsletter in addition to being published in the following magazines: The Wire, American Garage, CHAOS, Devil's Kiss, New Blood, Dreams & Nightmares, Supernatural Poetry, Red Lines Magazine, Thumbscrew, The Kindred Spirit, and Trading Post.

Matthew Finch is a New York cartoonist and fledgling animator currently residing at the Raskolnikov Arms SRO in one of the many quick-change neighborhoods of that largely imaginary city. His political strip Reaganopolis runs monthly in High Times; other work has been published by Processed World, Harper's, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Apocalypso, The War Resistors League and Fantagraphics Books. Enjoys ink, scissors, and Nathalie Baye movies. Gets by on legal proofreading. UGH.

Brian Lynch is a political refugee from the United States to Canada during the turbulent sixties. Brian Lynch's vision expresses several cultural and sub-cultural roots. Born in Oakdale, CA in 1944, he had fine art education at several American colleges and universities, but he still considers his best teaches to be 'experience and the heart'. Lynch has had seven successful showing of his work during the last three years, including the acclaimed Homo Erotica show at the Grunt Gallery and the Recent Portraits exhibit in December at the Firehall Theatre Gallery in Vancouver, BC.

Jessica Finney has an Ivy League background that included fluency in three languages, as well as the reading of four others. Currently an Operations Procedures Analyst with the Chicago Tribune, here background includes cartooning for Yale and Princeton magazine and extensive work travel.

Chris Smith runs Visions/Chris Smith-a multimedia firm in Seattle specializing in color photography, videotaping and music synthesis. He is getting married this fall and I want to know the answer to this question: How can the groom videotape his own wedding?

Lisa Rhodes has a vanity license plate that reads 'BLEAT'. What more can I say, she's into sheep. Currently a medical photographer for one of Seattle's hospitals, it is her hope to not have to go to Indianapolis for a permanent full-time job.

William Douglas never did get me his biography and consequently it never appeared in the original issue of the magazine.

John Messerly never did get me his biography and consequently it never appeared in the original issue of the magazine, but I do know he has several patents under his belt.

This art first appeared in the Volume 3, Number 2 (Summer 1987) issue of
Sign of the Times-A Chronicle of Decadence in the Atomic Age

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